Washes for Heatset

For Techniweb automatic blanket washing units. Varn Ecotech products are approved by Techniweb and offer optimal cleaning performance, safety and value. Varn Ecotech has been manufactured and supplied for Techniweb automatic blanket washers in Australia since 2005.
Formulated to take advantage of the latest ink solvent technology while maintaining safety in handling and storage. Varn Journal Wash is a special blend of solvents and cleaners with a high flash point (63°C), therefore it is not classified as flammable. Blankets and rollers will maintain proper ink receptivity for quality printing without damaging plates. Varn Journal Wash also meets the anti corrosive requirements of press manufacturers.
High flashpoint blanket and roller wash for heatset inks. Excellent ink solvency power and cleaning ability for cost effectiveness and reduced downtime. No rubber swell or harm to press components from this OEM approved, low hazard product.