Converter Benefits

Productivity, Performance & Cost Advantages

Significant Energy Efficiency - Up to 80% higher energy efficiency compared to UV mercury counterparts

Enhanced Curing Speed and Consistency - Achieving faster, consistently high-quality curing

Reliability Through Lamp Longevity - Consistent curing and reliability ensured by lamps that don't degrade over time

Elevated Productivity and Ease of Maintenance - Boosted productivity with lamp durability, lower running temperatures, and simplified maintenance

Instant On/Off with Reduced Waste - LED lamps instantly reaching full capacity upon activation

Simplified Maintenance and Operation - Fewer lamp faults, minimal need for replacements, and reduced ancillary tasks (shutters, reflectors, venting, etc.)

Health, Safety, and Environmental Advantages - Avoiding issues associated with ozone, blowers, and venting

Monetary and Environmental Savings - Savings not only in currency but also in CO2 emissions

The UV LED technology with its high peak irradiance provides a deeper penetrating light source. This enables better through cure and adhesion of thicker films (such as screen printing) and dark and opaque colours (such as blacks and opaque whites). Additionally UV LED cures constant intensity over a long period of time contrary to Mercury lamps which needs to be replaced every 2000 hour. This ensures constant cure which is especially important when printing food packaging where low migration is a concern.