Offset Blankets Conventional

The dayGraphica® 3610 is one of the most durable, flexible and versatile blankets.This blanket handles a broad range of printing applications on your most modern or most vintage presses. The unique construction reduces gauge loss and increases durability. The low-stretch carcass provides dimensional stability, while the unique compressible layer makes printing the most difficult jobs easier.

The dayGraphica® 3700 is your answer to increased productivity in the pressroom.This blanket keeps presses up and running by resisting smashes, on-press damage and piling. Faster make-readies due to precise ink transfer and great web release add to the increased efficiency you get from the 3700. Back all this with the best technical service in the industry and the 3700 means value.

The dayGraphica® 8889 is specifically designed for newspaper presses that require a neutral feed characteristic. This neutral feed characteristic reduces overfeed of paper through the press so you can expect fewer web breaks or register control problems as well as less paper waste and down time. Couple these benefits with an ability to produce high-quality print, maintain registration and deliver consistent performance job after job and you know you can count on a good day in the pressroom.

The dayGraphica® 8899 is designed to help you efficiently achieve the standards of quality expected from today’s newsprinter, with crisp black and color headlines, sharp contrast and quality four-color process. It’s more resistant to smashes and web wraps and it uses the same surface compound and textures that have proven their durabilityon other dayGraphica newspaper blankets. That means you can expect millions of quality impressions and reduced blanket changes from this tough performer.

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