Process and Specialty News Inks

Process News Inks

Meets NAA / SNAP specifications for strength & hue. Excellent general press performance.

NAA / SNAP hue specifications. NAA “AdLitho Plus” strength. Improved press performance. Less set-off, rub-off. Reduced dot gain. Works great on older presses / page packs. “Cost neutral”: Increased mileage offsets higher price.

Thin ink films lends well to lightweight paper. Virtually eliminates ink misting. Increases ink mileage. NOTE: Always reset ink and water curves to lower levels.

Black News Inks

Workhorse black for those seeking maximum economic value.
Rub: -30%.
Mileage: +10-15%

Enhanced rub resistance and mileage, excellent print quality.
Rub: -50%.
Mileage: +15-20%

Many advantages of our Rub-Free 100% Soy black without the full cost impact of the 100% soy formulation. Low VOC.
Rub: -60%.
Mileage: +20-25%

Excellent rub resistance and mileage, excellent print quality. Highest VOC levels of all blacks.
Rub: -70%
Mileage: +25-30%

Enhanced rub, mileage and print quality. Lowest VOC levels of all blacks. Excellent lithographic latitude. Low misting attributes keeps pressrooms clean. Reduces “carbon footprint”.
Rub: -80%
Mileage: +25-30%

Scented News Ink

Revolutionary and proprietary Rub'n Smell technology transforms print advertising into a multi-sensory medium. Microscopic scent capsules are embedded in the ink. Unlike many printed fragrances, the aroma is revealed only when the paper surface is gently rubbed.

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Pair Flint Group's news inks with our dayGraphica offset or metalback blankets and Varn® fountain solution.


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