Cleaners and Rejuvenators

A one-step plate cleaner and finisher that removes ink and prepares plates for storage. Contains strong desensitisers that remove scratches and oxidation spots, extending plate life. Gives faster, cleaner start ups since oxidation is prevented during storage. Varn Complete will give non-blinding protection to all types of metal printing plates.
A press cleaner with detergents, solvents and disinfectant properties for all press and dampener types. If used regularly, Fountclean will give longer life to your fountain solution. Designed for heavy duty use in highly contaminated systems, Fountclean's biocides kill any microbiological infestation, resulting in less down time and more consistent print quality.
Dampener and metering roller cleaner. A powerful degreaser and ideal for bareback dampeners and other areas where fast evaporation is necessary to prevent wash contamination and hence slow start-ups due to scumming etc. Varn MRC has been specifically formulated for press applications that previously required the now banned substances Trichloroethane or MEK.
Plate Plus (white) is a heavy duty plate cleaner containing a superfine abrasive to enhance the cleaning effect without extra rubbing and without damaging fragile plate coatings. A slower evaporation rate means the cleaner will not dry to a film before the plate is wiped clean.
Concentrated cleaner / degreaser. A highly concentrated cleaner / degreaser designed for a wide variety of pressroom cleaning applications that require an aqueous cleaner with extra detergency and grease dissolving power. Varn Pro-Kleen's excellent cleaning power incorporates anti-reposition and soil suspending agents to ensure a bright finish.
Concentrated roller detergent and glaze remover. A concentrated detergent developed to remove glaze, restore natural nap, revitalise and rejuvenate rollers and blankets. Varn Revitol improves printing quality and reduces downtime by deep cleaning rollers, increasing their ink receptivity and optimising transfer. Varn Revitol used daily is usually sufficient to keep rollers revitalised and can also be used between colour changes to reduce wash-up times and minimise start-up waste.
A superior roller deglazer in paste form, which penetrates deep into the rubber surface lifting out dried ink, dissolving built-up glaze and removing calcium. Gives improved printing quality and reduces downtime by deep cleaning rollers, increasing their ink receptivity and optimising transfer. In addition, Varn Roller Paste has no affinity to remain on metal or rubber surfaces, so it flushes away completely with a Varn water miscible wash.
Cleans and deglazes rubber faster and more completely while restoring new life and printability to even the most glaze-blocked blankets and rollers. It will restore original colour to blankets and rollers, reproducing the nap of rubber compounds, optimising ink transfer. Varn Super Rubber Rejuvenator incorporates two beneficial features - fast drying and high flash point. This unusual combination produces a safe, effective cleaning method.