Founts for News Print

Low-VOC, FOGRA-approved mild acid fountain solution designed for optimal compatibility with Flint Group news inks.

Superior cleaning from this fountain solution concentrate gives quicker restarts and reduced paper waste. Suitable for all types of dampening systems - spray, Turbo, and conventional. A versatile solution for both coldset and heatset applications through dosage adjustment.

A fast, clean start, even with UV inks. Low VOC for a better, more environmentally responsible work area. Compatible with the latest CtP plates for improved run length with less plate wear. Suitable for both coldset and UV cure applications, this versatile solution produces savings in cost and inventory.

Coldset web fount for newspaper presses. Incorporated an innovative wetting technology only recently introduced to coldset web printing after extensive trials in SE Asia. Older dampening systems will benefit with greatly reduced feedback of ink, and the new wetting system allows lower water settings, so there is reduced paper pile on blankets and no web breaks due to over-dampening. The results achieved are a complete fount solution that actually prints sharper and will give a quick, clean start-up with a definite reduction in ink consumption. Because less ink and water are run, less web breaks occur and the ink comes off the press drier with denser colours.