Specialty Products

Hardening agent for fully desalinated water. Varn Aqua Conditioner is used in fully desalinated water to adjust the hardness to approximately 8°DH, which is considered to be optimum water conditions for lithographic printing. Varn Aqua Conditioner does not contain ingredients which will disturb the printing process. It stabilises the incoming water to press and therefore enables accurate and constant pH and conductivity values of the mixed dampening solution to be maintained.
Specialist calcium glaze remover. Formulated to meet the problem of calcium build-up on rollers, blankets and impression cylinders. Calcium residue may often be visible as deposits on the rubber or metal surface, but it is sometimes hard to see while still causing transfer problems like stripping. The build-up generally comes from the increased use of calcium carbonate in alkaline papers and can be very difficult to remove. Varn Calcium Eliminator uses sound chemical principles to quickly remove all residue without the need for severe scrubbing.
Microfiltered for guaranteed maximum purity, Varn Gum Arabic will not damage plates or press. Use on any type of metal litho plate. Contains only gum Arabic solids dissolved in water.
Plate Plus (white) is a heavy duty plate cleaner containing a superfine abrasive to enhance the cleaning effect without extra rubbing and without damaging fragile plate coatings. A slower evaporation rate means the cleaner will not dry to a film before the plate is wiped clean.
Varn Plate Plus Pink is a heavy duty plate cleaner developed to clean both conventional and UV ink. Easily removes even dried on ink and small scratches. Varn Plate Plus Pink contains a mild abrasive which assists the cleaning action and enhances product performance.