Speciality Products for News Print

This cleaner works quickly to remove scum, slime, ink and paper debris from dampening fountain pans, feed lines and recirculators. Regular use in a dampening system maintenance program will prevent the build-up of slime, residues and other contaminants. This build-up can be a very serious and very expensive problem which can ultimately shut down a press. Varn® Dampening System Cleaner, though a strong cleaner, will not harm lines and recirculator pumps.

Use Varn® Triple Threat Deglazer followed by a Varn water-miscible wash and water to completely remove all three types of glaze that can damage rubber rollers and limit your pressroom quality. Weekly use of Triple Threat Deglazer will prevent production problems associated with the build-up of ink particles, spray powder, paper lint, calcium and gum glaze. Triple Threat Deglazer reduces down-time, increases productivity and lowers inventory costs.

For more information on PressroomChemistry in Latin America, please send your request to info@flintgrp.com