Washes for News Print

Varn® Wash A-230 was carefully formulated with help from Heidelberg and Böttcher Roller Company. It is formulated to clean modern rubber compounds and will not harm the elastomers or synthetic ingredients used in blanket and roller manufacturing. Up to 25% water may be added to this blanket and roller wash to help simultaneously clean solvent-based ink and water-based gum glaze, paper dust, lint, etc. Varn® Wash A-230 works well on any manufacturer’s blankets and rollers.

UV and hybrid inks have become popular in recent years. UV Wash 580 was formulated to give excellent cleaning performance with both of these inks, while maintaining a mild solvent odor. UV Wash 580 exhibits excellent compatibility with the majority of roller and blanket rubber compounds. It is designed for the printer who switches between UV, hybrid, and conventional blankets, and does not cause excessive swell with any blanket

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