Enviroflex: Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions for Flexographic Applications

The Enviroflex product range is a collection of high performance, biodegradable, low hazard cleaners, specifically formulated for flexographic cleaning applications. 

This range of specialist products confirms our commitment to the environment and to ensuring best in class products are at the heart of our portfolio. 

Enviroflex will help you to further enhance your print quality and improve your process efficiency. 

  • Safe working pH values - pH 5-10
  • No aggressive abrasives
  • Low VOC
  • Biodegradable*
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low hazard
  • Less hazardous than strong acid or caustic based products
  • REACH compliant

*biodegradable according to OECD 301A Test.

General purpose cleaner for water-based inks and coatings.

A blend of extremely powerful ink removing solvents, specially formulated for the easy removal of solvent based inks and coatings.

Low hazard anilox roller and ink metering system cleaner for UV ink removal.

Concentrated cleaner/degreaser for use with all Flexo Ink types.

Concentrated cleaner/degreaser, specially formulated for automatic machine cleaning of anilox rollers with aluminium parts.

Universal flexographic roller cleaning paste.

Powerful, low swell flexo plate cleaner.

Ultrasonic bath additive.

A superior, heavy duty speciality coatings cleaner for solvent based and UV Ink systems.

A powerful, highly effective cleaner for both one-pack and two-pack glue systems, and the removal of solvent based adhesives.

Foaming anilox cleaner for water-based flexographic inks and coatings. 

Designed to give deep penetrative cleaning to both anilox rollers and plates.

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Discover Enviroflex...

Enviroflex Aquawash

Enviroflex Aquawash is a good all-round flexographic cleaner, formulated using safe detergents and cleaning agents.

Ideal for cleaning water-based inks and coatings from most pressroom surfaces!

ISEGA Approved Products

Independently tested and certified, our range of Enviroflex products that are ISEGA certified for use in food packaging production.

Providing first-class compliance as well as outstanding cleaning power!

Enviroflex Cell Renew

Enviroflex Cell Renew is revolutionary in providing ultimate cleaning power against water-based inks and coatings.

Powerful foaming action to deeply clean and renew cell transfer properties!