Packaging and Coating Blankets for Sheetfed

The dayGraphica® 3610 is one of the most durable, flexible and versatile blankets.This blanket handles a broad range of printing applications on your most modern or most vintage presses. The unique construction reduces gauge loss and increases durability. The low-stretch carcass provides dimensional stability, while the unique compressible layer makes printing the most difficult jobs easier

The 490 Boxer XL has proven performance in today´s challenging pressrooms, including a knockout printing job on heavier board stock.

The patented printing surface is engineered for easy ink transfer with good, pin-hole free solids and easy wash-up. Plus, it will give you maximum sheet release and resists edge cutting from heavier board stock. So, be sure it´s an even match the next time you´re in the ring with a heavyweight -try the dayGraphica 490 Boxer XL.

Duco® UV Compressible is designed for sheetfed, three-piece can, carton and plastic UV printing applications. The dedicated micro-ground EPDM surface layer reduces paper linting and board delamination, and offers resistance to chemical attack and swelling caused by UV-curing inks. Duco® UV Compressible’s specially designed compressible layer provides high blanket durability and proven smash resistance.

BMAX Extra has evolved, specially designed to exceed performance, durability and improve quality standards required on a blanket with today's advanced sheetfed presses.  The wide window of operation allows far excellent performance across a variety of substrates, including a knockout printing job on heavier board stock.

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