Offset Blankets for Sheetfed Printing

Conventional Blankets for Sheetfed Printing

For higher standards of printability and reliability, providing consistently sharp, hard edges, crisp halftones and rich and even solids.

A durable, flexible, versatile blanket that handles a broad range of printing applications, reduces gauge loss and provides dimensional stability.

General purpose Sheetfed Blanket suitable for Commercial or Packaging applications.

Enhanced chemical resistance.

The high solvent resistance and ground surface finish of this blanket ensure high quality reproduction across a range of substrates.

Abrasion-resistant surface rubber is ideal for high use applications. Utilizes NexGen carcass technology to balance performance and cost. 

For quality Sheetfed Commercial and Folding Carton printing.

Print surface engineered for easy ink transfer, with good, pin-hole free solids and easy wash-up.

A rough surface blanket, ideal for maximum ink transfer and resistance to piling.

Designed for use with all conventional and many UV/LED curing inks.  Ideal for printers working in mixed mode. 

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Discover dayGraphica® 7100

Delivering conventional and UV capability in a single product, our combination printing blanket is the perfect solution for mixed mode printers.

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