Novasens® P670 PRIME

The Latest Innovation in Folding Carton Printing

The Latest Innovation in Folding Carton Printing

Novasens® P670 PRIME is a high-performance low odour, low migration (LOLM) Sheetfed Ink Series, with outstanding colour strength and vibrancy, providing excellent print performance across multiple substrates.


Novasens® P670 PRIME's superior performance characteristics enable:

  • Outstanding print performance across multiple press types and changing board grades
  • Improved on-press performance
  • Increased pressroom productivity

Novasens® P670 PRIME supports printers in reaching their sustainability and regulatory goals with a single product:

  • Developed for LOLM food packaging requirements
  • Conforms with INGEDE de-inking requirements
  • Meets FDA regulations
  • Addresses multiple regional environmental standards and regulations


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Reduced Portfolio Complexity

One ink system which can be used across multiple board grades, reducing stock holdings and contributing towards reducing packaging waste.


Increased Production Flexibility

Superior performance on a wide range of board grades, including lower quality substrates, allowing for flexibility in the production schedule.

Increased Performance

Achieve increased production output with fewer stops, less downtime and waste. Improved asset utilisation from a single ink system that provides low tack, reduced misting and high colour strength.

Broad Compliance & Sustainability

Designed to meet the requirements of FDA and Swiss Ordinance.  ISEGA Certified.  De-inking in accordance with INGEDE 11 confirmed.

Novasens® P670 PRIME delivers multiple production benefits for Sheetfed Packaging Printers

Less picking and piling from reduced tack levels.

Expertly manages board variability, performs on a wide range of board grades, minimised blanket and roller wash cycles, reducing downtime, without compromising on colour strength.

Optimal ink transfer.

Minimising waste, achieving cost savings on consumables.

Reduced wash cycles.

Minimising press downtime and increasing pressroom productivity.

Faster reaching ink/water balance.

Minimising waste at press start up, enabling faster start up times

Reduced misting.

Optimised press environment with improved performance on high speed presses.

Very high colour strength.

Consistent, high quality printed output.

Allows high quality printing with low ink film thickness.

Fast setting and brilliant performance in terms of inline-coating.

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