Cleaners and Rejuvenators for Sheetfed

Varn® Revitol is a concentrated detergent and rejuvenator developed to remove glaze and restore natural tack, revitalize and rejuvenate rollers and blankets. Revitol gains its cleaning action as a detergent, not through strong solvency. It quickly penetrates into the roller surface, opening up rubber pores and removing both gum glaze and ink glaze. Revitol improves printing quality and reduces downtime by deep-cleaning rollers and increasing their ink receptivity and ink transfer ability.

Varn® Super Rubber Rejuvenator quickly deglazes rubber while restoring new life and printability to even the most glaze-blocked blankets and rollers. This excellent rejuvenator will pay for itself many times over in increased productivity. Varn deglazers and rejuvenators are the key products in our press proven maintenance systems, and are used in combination with a Varn prime water miscible or environmental wash for superior maintenance results.

Varn® Take It Off is a superior paste form roller and blanket deglazer. It penetrates deep into the rubber surface to lift out the dried ink and dissolve glaze build-up. Take It Off utilizes a unique, mild particulate to scrub away ink and glaze, yet will not damage the surface of rollers and blankets. In addition, Take It Off flushes away completely with a quality wash such as Wash V-120. Take It Off is especially recommended for use in color changes or as a key part of a regular roller maintenance program.

Varn® True Blue Plate Cleaner quickly and completely opens all types of metal offset plates, even after long periods of storage. Use True Blue to remove surface scratches, oxidation spots, semi-dried ink and gum streaks which reduce print quality. True Blue restores the ink receptive surface. Just apply and rinse. Clean plates "on the fly" on web offset presses to minimize downtime, extend plate life and increase the number of impressions per plate.

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