Cleaners & Rejuvenators for Sheetfed Applications

Cleaners and Rejuvenators for Sheetfed Applications

Liquid deglazer for removing calcium only from rollers. Must be rinsed off with water.

Detergent based roller deglazer.

Roller rejuvenator and deep cleaner.

Paste roller deglazer.

Fast evaporating dampener and metering roller cleaner.

Dampener and metering roller cleaner, specially designed for UV inks.

Blanket rejuvenator, not recommended for rollers.

Plate cleaner and plate gummer in one product, cleans and gums in one application.

Heavy duty plate cleaner.

Plate cleaner, desensitiser, can be used during production.

Will not cause chemical attack on CtP plates.

Concentrated fount systems cleaner to remove impurities, bacterial/fungal growth from recirculating systems.

General purpose shop cleaner/degreaser.

Is your press running to its potential?

Regular preventative press maintenance is often the most overlooked factor in relation to producing quality offset printing consistently.

Without a scheduled roller and blanket maintenance programme, you could struggle to achieve the quality standards that you need to compete.

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