Founts for Sheetfed

Fount solution for sheetfed presses. New technology allows positive prevention of build-up of calcium salts from paper and ink, with recognised Aquarius print quality. Varn Aquarius AC is suitable for all sheetfed presses, from small A3 sizes up to giant packaging machines. It is effective with all types of dampening systems, both conventional and continuous, both with and without alcohol.
Specifically designed to work on a wider variety of dampening systems and local water conditions. Varn Excel is compatible with the latest CtP technology including thermal direct processorless plates and is designed for use with mineral, vegetable and soy based inks. Varn Excel incorporated anti-corrosion technology and a new pH control buffer system.
Varn Fast Fount Plus represents the latest technology in fountain solutions for sheetfed presses. It contains special components which will assist the drying of conventional inks on a variety of paper stocks. Varn Fast Fount Plus contains no substances which will effect the health and safety of press operators.
A single step alcohol replacement for sheetfed applications, suitable for use on a wide variety of sheetfed presses and dampening systems. Varn Opti Print's improved formulation provides the printer with a wider window of operation on all types of ink. Incorporates a non cobalt based drying stimulator that reduces the ink drying time, providing a faster work flow.
This one-step sheetfed fountain solution for high quality printing is OEM approved and tested by FOGRA. Clean running formulation gives less piling on blankets, rollers with no calcium spots, and eliminates build up on impression cylinders. Can be used with conventional inks based on mineral or vegetable oils, or with UV cure inks or hybrid inks, on any type of sheetfed press.