Speciality Products for Sheetfed

This cleaner works quickly to remove scum, slime, ink and paper debris from dampening fountain pans, feed lines and recirculators. Regular use in a dampening system maintenance program will prevent the build-up of slime, residues and other contaminants. This build-up can be a very serious and very expensive problem which can ultimately shut down a press. Varn® Dampening System Cleaner, though a strong cleaner, will not harm lines and recirculator pumps.

Varn® Ink-Readi is a formulation of anti-oxidants which apply a protective film to avoid ink skinning on rollers, in fountains and in ink cans.

Varn® Ink-Readi will not change the colour, consistency or drying speed of any offset or letterpress ink.

Varn® Ink-Readi can also be used as a blanket lubricant to reduce tack on start-up, thus minimising the risk of wraparound.

Varn® Defoamer reduces or completely eliminates excessive foaming in dampening systems. It is highly effective and economical - usually one capful will be sufficient.

Varn® Defoamer prevents air bubbles being transferred to the plate cylinder, which can produce dry spots on the plate.

Varn® Defoamer is compatible with all types of fount solution concentrate.

Varn® Defoamer is non-toxic and non-flammable.

Use Varn® Triple Threat Deglazer followed by a Varn water-miscible wash and water to completely remove all three types of glaze that can damage rubber rollers and limit your pressroom quality. Weekly use of Triple Threat Deglazer will prevent production problems associated with the build-up of ink particles, spray powder, paper lint, calcium and gum glaze. Triple Threat Deglazer reduces down-time, increases productivity and lowers inventory costs.

Varn® Compound 747 is an ink additive formulated to prevent ‘ink set-off’ and keep reverses and half-tones open and clean. It permits large solids and denser colours to be run and backed up immediately, saving time and space.

Varn® Compound 747 reduces tack, improves ink lay on all types of stock and prevents sheets from sticking to blankets. It mixes easily with ink, making it more workable and reducing the volume of ink required.

Varn® Compound 747 reduces picking and ink crystallisation and is ideal for multi-colour work.

Varn® Compound 747 makes the ink/water balance easier to control as less water is needed to maintain balance in offset printing, so that good offset and letterpress inks run better.

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