Washes for Sheetfed

Zero aromatic water miscible roller and blanket wash. A water miscible one step wash formulated to meet ecological requirements for safety in roller and blanket washes. Varn Environmental Wash was manufactured to meet the ever increasing demand for safer pressroom chemicals. It has unique anti-corrosion additives that give outstanding protection to presses and can universally be used on blankets, rollers and automatic washing systems. Varn Environmental Wash is fully biodegradable and has low odour.
Dual purpose roller and blanket wash. Suitable for automatic and hand applications. UV and conventional inks.
Roller and blanket wash. Formulate for both UV and conventional inks. High flashpoint (>62°C) AIII. Recommended for automatic blanket and roller washing equipment.
A blend of solvents and cleansers formulated to clean both solvent and water soluble glaze from rubber rollers and blankets. It is suitable for use in automatic wash systems and as a hand blanket and roller wash. Varn Premium Wash 40 gives a deep clean to rollers allowing quick colour changes and maintains the ink receptiveness of the rubber surface.
A new improved formulation roller and blanket wash that incorporates a unique emulsifying package and solvent blend to provide vastly superior ink solvency over many of the comparative washes available in today's competitive marketplace. Varn Premium Wash 60 is a Class C roller and blanket wash that meets the approval of all major OEM's. It has been proven to reduce wash up cycle time and the volume of solvent typically used. Varn Premium Wash 60 has high anti-corrosive protection and so is ideal for new presses and automatic roller and blanket washing systems.
High flashpoint blanket and roller wash for dedicated UV systems. Formulated to clean the blanket or roller thoroughly of either hybrid inks or UV cured inks without harming the rubber surface. Suitable for all stocks, including foils.
Rapid, more effective cleaning of tenacious UV ink from rubber surfaces. The boosted solvent blend provides up to ten times the performance at no extra cost. Uses high flashpoint solvents, whose slower evaporation rate means more economical use – solvents do not flash off so rapidly, remaining on the rubber surface to dissolve ink.