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ONECode - robust solvent-based ink and varnish range developed to address current and future printing demands.

ONECode is a new beginning for our solvent-based, Flexible Packaging, portfolio.

ONECode is a range of inks that have been designed to unlock the complex landscape of Flexible & Aluminium Foil packaging.

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Flexographic Printing

Rotogravure Printing

Flexo & Gravure


Primers & Overprints


Global regulatory compliance.
Standardised manufacturing processes and supply contingency.
Repeatable product quality across all manufacturing sites from batch to batch.
Innovative technology to suit all Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil applications.
Focused on streamlined efficiency in day to day operations.
Designed to perform on current & innovative substrates.
Designed to fully support Min/Max criteria by offering universal products.
Optimised for applications today & into the future.
Provides sustainable solutions.
A complete product range for Flexible Packaging & Alu Foil applications.
Products deliver high quality and consistent results.
Raw materials are responsibly sourced.



Flint Group's ONECode portfolio includes VertixCode for Flexographic printing, MatrixCode for Rotogravure printing, HelixCode dual-purpose inks for Flexo and Gravure, and ZenCode, recently launched range of sustainable solutions.  

Enhancing and complementing the portfolio are overprint varnishes under the NexisCode brand and additives under the AdmixCode brand.


VertixCode: Designed specifically for the Flexographic printing process, VertixCode solvent-based inks will take your print job to new heights. These inks are developed using top-of-the-line raw materials and by an expert team of flexible packaging specialists. With VertixCode, printers will be able to reach the pinnacle of their flexographic print aspirations. Click here to download product flyer.


MatrixCode: A range of solvent-based inks dedicated to the Rotogravure printing process. These inks have been designed to produce superb results on a wide variety of flexible packaging materials within the gravure print environment. An excellent choice for surface or lamination. Click here to download product flyer.


HelixCode: These universal inks are the connection between two print process spheres - inks with excellent performance for both Flexographic and Rotogravure printing. Regardless of your print process, HelixCode dual-purpose inks deliver top-notch results in flexible packaging printing. Click here to download product flyer.


ZenCode:  These products are designed with the environment in mind and developed to promote circular economies in Flexible Packaging.  Specific inks are available for both Flexographic and Rotogravure printing and are designed with a range of chemistries. Ask about our Cradle to Cradle offerings and inks approved by OK Compost. ZenCode is focused on the planet, the people, and peace of mind. Click here to download product flyer.


NexisCode:  Flint Group presents a wide range of primers and lacquers, as well as special effect varnishes that build a connection between the brand and the consumer. In package printing, starting with a primer and ending with a coating may be the right mix to connect high-quality performance, long-term package integrity, and outstanding design impact. Click here to download product flyer.


AdmixCode:  From time to time, package printing requires the support of ink room or press-side additives. With AdmixCode, Flint Group offers a wide range of additives designed with the right mix to support and enhance solvent-based package printing and keep presses running. Click here to download product flyer.


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