Inks for Food Contact Material

FCM LED UV Many abbreviations. One solution.

FCM LED UV Many abbreviations. One solution.

FCM UV LED. Many abbreviations. One solution.


The safe & sound way of printing on Food Contact Material Food Contact Material (FCM) printing is serious business.

Regardless of if you print on packages for food, drinks or pharmaceuticals, there are many regulations and rules that minimize margin for error. There must never be the slightest risk of the ink somehow passing through the material. Don't leave your product's safety to chance.

Flint Group empowers you with cutting-edge ink technologies and unwavering support, providing the foundation for prints that not only dazzle but also align with the highest safety standards. With EkoCure® ANCORA, Flint Group presents an FCM ink that can be UV-cured in two ways – Dual Cure as we say.

The traditional way is with a mecury UV-lamp. The new way is with UV LED. Dual Cure EkoCure® ANCORA makes it possible to change curing method lamp-by-lamp and press-by-press – while having just one ink in stock.

It is clear that managing migration risk in food contact materials is complex and involves every stakeholder in the supply chain.

Having a partner that takes these responsibilities seriously – investing in high-performance FCM ink and coating production, training tools and laboratory services makes a difference.

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