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Exploring the rise of LED-based systems in printing - NEW Whitepaper

The global print and packaging industry is known for being visionary and possessing an innate ability to adapt and change. The sector must respond to changing consumer needs and market conditions. Over the last decade, this has meant an ever-sharper focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of business - a core component of commercial success that no business can afford to ignore. One of the most significant innovations in the printing industry can be found in curing methods, with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) curing slowly emerging as a superior alternative to traditional UV (Ultraviolet) curing - now outperforming it in many respects. Both mercury lamps and LED lamps are used in curing systems for UV inks. However, they operate at different wavelengths. Mercury lamps produce UV light in a broad spectrum, while LED lamps emit UV light at specific wavelengths.

In the newest whitepaper we explore why LED curing is proving to be the future of printing success, where the much-touted sustainability benefits come from, and how printers can remain productive, cost effective and competitive through this transitionary period...

Explore Success Stories with Flint Group

At Flint Group, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support to our valued customers.
Dive into our case studies that showcase the success stories of businesses that have harnessed the power of our cutting-edge technologies, such as EkoCure® Dual Cure inks, to elevate their operations and achieve sustainability goals.



Ingo Group finds LED success with Flint Group EkoCure

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UV Led NW Future Is Now

Flint Group’s dual cure expertise

At Flint Group, we take great pride in being at the forefront of print evolution, even from LED curing technology’s early years. A decade of focus in a given area tends to make one an expert – and so it is with Flint Group.

Explore EkoCure CLICK HERE  -
A high-performance range of inks and coatings, created with dual cure technology. Designed for quality and versatility, the range cures well under both UV and LED curing conditions, making it an ideal ‘bridge’ between the traditional and the new.

Consultancy, services and tools for colour and ink management, developed to achieve colour consistency, “Right First Time” printing and reduce overall “Total Cost of Print.” CLICK HERE to learn more

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