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News Print

You’ve got a lot at stake.

Today’s newspaper printer faces more challenges than ever before
including increased pressures, fewer resources, and time-critical deadlines. To successfully address these challenges and create a competitive advantage, printers must carefully select the right products and people to partner with.

We’re here for you...

Flint Group’s sales teams, product experts, and technical specialists support printers of all sizes, applications and needs. These top-notch teams reach out as necessary to our deep bench of other experts, from product development teams who bring custom solutions and innovation to market, to physical and analytical scientists who are uniquely trained to provide in-depth investigations for the most challenging problems.

What does all this mean for you?

  • Expert product and application recommendations across inks, blanket and chemical product lines

  • Ongoing, responsive support and expertise

  • Timely trouble-shooting

  • Training programs to learn about new technologies and work more efficiently

  • Methodical, scientific analyses to measure and solve the most difficult problems

  • Access to the most informed regulatory and HS&E teams

    • That’s just for starters. Contact us to learn all the ways we can support you and your teams.