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Flint Group supports its customers with Technical Reviews on Isega Certificate, Questions and Answers concerning Food Packaging, Guidelines for Mixing Low Migration Printing Inks, Guidelines for Using Low Migration Bases and Good Manufacturing Practice for the Production of Food Packages.



ISO standard 2846-1 is a worldwide standard regarding the standardisation of colour shades of offset inks but since ISO 2846-1 refers only to laboratory proofs printed on a standard paper, which is not usually used in practice, ISO 12647-2 takes into account various classes of paper as well as the relevant densities...

Packaging can be found in every household. Packaging plays an important role in selling the product; it promotes and protects the product contained inside. Food packaging takes many appearances,  plastics  (essentially  in  the  form  of foils),  and  also  paper  and  board.  In  this  review, we concentrate on packaging produced from paper and board.

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Sheetfed Food Packaging:

A Guide to Best Practice

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