Troubleshooting Centre for Sheetfed Printers

We are committed to helping our customers

We are committed to helping our customers

Troubleshooting Centre for Sheetfed Printers

At Flint Group, we’re committed to helping our customers achieve quality printing results while keeping costs under control. Offset printing is a challenging business with many variables. Even with the best equipment and pressroom products, some are hard to avoid. The below movie series of Sheetfed Troubleshooting Guide describe several common printing problems, what causes them and how to fix it fast. So avoid downtime, keep calm and print on!

Trouble in the Press Room?

The series of 20 common print related problems and ways to solve them.


NEW! Colour Variation



Inconsistent colour reproduction between proof and print, or between jobs.


  1. Substrate variation.

  2. Different Pantone® colour guides.

  3. Incorrect LAB targets/measurements parameters.




  1. Change to the paper quality of the former printed/comparative job. Adjust the specifications (e.g. dot gain) in the prepress section. In the case of spot colours, it is important that the ink is matched on the correct paper quality used for printing.

  2. Customer, printer and ink manufacturer must all use same Pantone® colour guide edition. (denoted by year of printing)

  3. Confirm correct LAB targets / measurement device settings.

Troubleshooting Guide for Sheetfed Printers

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