Flint Group Sheetfed and KBA-Sheetfed signed Technical Cooperation Agreement

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Flint Group Sheetfed and KBA-Sheetfed have signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement that will see Flint Group products used in the commissioning of new KBA presses, printing conventional sheetfed offset across the globe.


Holger Winkler, Head of Purchasing at KBA Sheetfed, Richard Wilson OEM Technical Coordination Director SF, Anne Just, Purchasing, Doug Aldred, President Packaging and Narrow Web Division at Flint Group and Ralf Sammeck, CEO of KBA-Sheetfed.



Recommended by KBA – look for the quality seal “KBA Recommended Product”


Flint Group inks have been tested and optimised for quality and performance, for the fast KBA Rapida presses. Customers will gain from reduced ink consumption, high colour brilliance and contrast, smooth reproduction, convenient handling and the reliable printing of solids.


From initial planning meetings right through to installation sign-off, Flint Group technical staff will support KBA engineers during installation, ensuring the press is quickly up and running, producing high quality prints.


“The benefits to the printer are huge,” explains Richard Wilson, Flint Group’s OEM Technical Coordination Director. “Local support with consistent, reliable products will help get the press printing more efficiently, and the customer will start gaining returns from their investment faster. It will mean sign-off can be achieved quicker than might otherwise be the case.”


“Our strategy is to work alongside industry leading equipment manufacturers to help us develop consistent, high quality and innovative products and services. This Agreement is an important extension of our global quality and service proposition.”

Romain Boulot, VP Sheetfed Sales and Global Sheetfed Strategy, Flint Group


“We have achieved excellent and stable results with printing inks from Flint Group, and when a product meets our high expectations, we gladly recommend it to our users around the world.”

Dirk Winkler, Head of Print Technology, KBA-Sheetfed



Your Benefits from Our Partnership

1. Continuity in press and product performance.
(From factory demonstrations, staff training, trade show exhibits, product development, and press trials, through to installation and sign-off. One ink/press combination gives you reliability and peace of mind.)

2. Flint Group inks come in your press starter kits as standard – guaranteed reliability.

3. Know-how exchange within the framework of joint training programmes.

4. Access to the very latest ink product development due to the KBA–Sheetfed factory testing of new presses with Flint Group inks.

5. Cooperation to develop and standardise new ink systems, and naturally, joint support for our customers.


Recommended ink series for corresponding applications:

 - For straight printing: Novavit F700 on mineral oil basis or Novavit F950 on vegetable oil basis

 - For perfecting: F950

 - For general packaging printing: Novavit F1000 WIN Bio

 - Specifically for food packaging: Novasens P660 PREMIUM


Further products are available for a number of special applications such as printing on non-absorbent substrates, high rub or fast work-and-turn.




"KBA has seen first hand how our product performance, especially in conventional and low migration sheetfed inks, our consistent approach to cost to print optimisation and our global network of highly skilled service personnel can bring added value to their customers." Romain Boulot, VP Sheetfed Sales and Global Strategy, Flint Group

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