Flint Group brings full range of innovations to Labelexpo Europe

Combining industry strengths with an unmatched product portfolio, Flint Group’s divisions (Flexographic Products, Narrow Web as well as Xeikon and ThermoFlexX of Digital Solutions) showcased together at Labelexpo Europe, 25 to 28 September in Brussels, solutions that enable label printers and converters to better position themselves to address emerging market realities. The unmatched product portfolio covers all steps of the value chain for printing in the packaging industry. Starting from imaging to plate making equipment, mounting sleeves and adapters for printing presses, flexographic and letterpress printing plates, inks and last but not least – through our acquisition of Xeikon – we are also active in the digital printing market and with this well prepared for future technologies.

Latest innovations for labels and packaging

Flint Group Flexographic Products, showcased its latest innovations and featured the nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System and its superior plates portfolio at the show in Brussels. With a smarter design that is easier to use, the nyloflex® Xpress System reduces operating costs thanks to increased productivity, less maintenance and less downtime. The specially developed nyloflex® Thermal Printing Plates, in combination with the unique heating system, ensure highest plate and print quality. In addition to the successfully launched nyloflex® XPH and nyloflex® XPM, thermal flexographic plates for high-quality printing on paper substrates with UV and water-based inks - the nyloflex® XVH and nyloflex® XFH - are announced, completing the Thermal plate portfolio. Both flat top plates are suitable for a variety of substrates and will be commercially available during the first half of 2018. > nyloflex® Xpress System

To expand Flint Group’s offering for the label market, the nyloprint® WF SHARP has been also announced. The water washable, film based plate for the high-end label market improves quality with highest line count for reproduction of finest details. And due to the suitability of the plate for all types of processing equipment and the high flexibility of the polyester base, and therefore excellent adaption to different cylinders, it is easier to use. The plate is scheduled to be released on the market in Q1/2018.

Furthermore, Flint Group has presented the patent-pending, state-of-the-art rotec® Eco Bridge for easier and faster use in flexographic printing presses and on plate-mounting equipment. The innovative and more efficient air supply system provides 99% reduction in noise and needs less compressed air. > rotec® Eco Bridge
Next to the rotec® Eco Bridge, which is nominated as a FlexoTech International Print & Innovation Awards Finalist, the latest innovation, the rotec® Smart Premium sleeve with easy-mount technology and weight reduction up to 15% has been presented. >  rotec® Smart Premium

Flint Group Narrow Web will provide tangible examples of how converters can expand their capabilities and consider new market opportunities – the wider world of narrow web flexible package printing! 

For the event Flint Group Narrow Web demonstrated their comprehensive range of food packaging compliant printing inks for all major printing technologies: UV Mercury Flexo, UV LED Flexo, Water Based Flexo and UV and EB Offset and presented the latest innovations in Low Migration– with a special focus on the award winning and ground-breaking UV LED low migration technology, EkoCure™ ANCORA.

"Low Migration LED curable inks and printing systems open up opportunities for expansion into food packaging that did not exist before," stated Kelly Kolliopoulos, Global Marketing Director, Flint Group Narrow Web.  "Narrow Web Customers can now print on heat sensitive films because the LED systems operate at much lower temperatures, and additionally they can meet food packaging compliance because of Flint Group's novel low migration ink chemistry.  We look forward to sharing with our customers details on food packaging compliance, LED and reliability of cure, business expansion ideas, and an economic model to show how fast return on investment can be."

At Labelexpo Europe Xeikon announced new digital label presses in both the UV inkjet and dry toner segments that will extend its digital label printing portfolio, making it the broadest in the industry. New product announcements included the Xeikon CX500 wide web digital label press in the company’s Cheetah Series, which is the first press based on a new generation dry toner platform that is ready for Industry 4.0. Also introduced was the Xeikon Panther Series of UV inkjet digital label presses, including the high-end Xeikon PX3000 and the newly announced entry-level Xeikon PX2000, both to be made available on a 4-colour and a 5-colour configuration.

For details read the press relases about Xeikon at Labelexpo, the new Xeikon CX500, Xeikon PX2000 and Xeikon PX3000.

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ThermoFlexX platemaking systems provide high resolution plate exposure including screening, as well as workflow management. Next to automated prepress workflow software from partner Hybrid Software, ThermoFlexX also showcased:

  • The ThermoFlexX 48 with a maximum plate size of 900 x 1200 mm, which comes with a fixed FlexTray that makes automatic loading and unloading of plates easier. Its standard 2540 dpi resolution makes it ideal for flexible packaging and folding carton applications.
  • The ThermoFlexX 30 was shown with a hybrid drum that enables processing of both Polyester Flexo plates as well as "Steel-back" Letterpress plates.

 “All of our imagers use our proprietary imaging technology that enables us to image at different resolutions, including the unique ability to image different resolutions on a single plate,” explains Christophe Lievens, Director of Sales & Marketing for ThermoflexX. “And our maximum resolution of 5080 dpi offers the ability to create extremely high quality products. In addition, our unique vacuum slider concept allows production of partial plates without the need to fix plates with tape, improving overall productivity.”

ThermoFlexX 48: The most versatile flexo imager for the label and flexible packaging markets

ThermoFlexX 30: The most productive imager for the label and dry-offset markets.

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All good things come in three: Flint Group presents its unique product portfolio with three outstanding print samples

Flint Group is pleased to present the latest print samples, ‘Labelexpo’, demonstrating several ground-breaking technologies to its customers. The samples are the result of the technical cooperation and successful partnership between Flint Group, and its customers Marvaco (Sweden) for design and prepress work and St-Luc labels & packaging (Belgium) for the final printing of the Shrink Sleeve.

The three samples - flexible packaging, PS high quality label and shrink sleeve - represent Flint Group’s unmatched product portfolio and expertise in the printing value chain that allows for innovative and excellent solutions based on our customers’ and their customers’ needs and ensures maximised productivity.

For a print sample please get in touch with labelexpo@flintgrp.com

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Impressions of Labelexpo Europe 2017

Announcing the winners of Flint Group’s 13th Annual Print Awards

The awards were first celebrated at Labelexpo Europe in 2004 and have been purely concentrating on Narrow Web inks and coatings. Going forward we have expanded this year’s award to Flexographic Products and Digital Solutions, to underline Flint Group’s positioning as solution provider with an unmatched portfolio for the packaging and printing industry.

Each entry was individually and carefully reviewed by internal and external industry professionals. Criteria for judging follow the guidelines that are standards set by the industry associations FINAT and TLMI. These included: registration, smoothness of dot/vignette, overall print quality and degree of difficulty.

Overview of Winners coming soon!

Flint Group will begin accepting submissions for the 14th annual Print Awards soon after the New Year. Awards and winners will be presented at Labelexpo Labelexpo Americas 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.