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Annual Print Award

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At Labelexpo Chicago Flint Group Narrow Web hosted the 4th Annual Print awards celebrating the excellence and entrepreneurship in the wider world of narrow web printing. Label converters from all over the world had submitted samples of a wide variety of products converted in Narrow web presses. These where all evaluated by a panel of industry judges and fully reviewed by the criteria: registration, smoothness of dot/vignette, overall print quality, and degree of difficulty.

'For us the number of entries are very encouraging' say Global Brand Manager Flint Group Narrow Web, Niklas Olsson - we see an increasing number of entries in several of the categories that show that converters globally are proud of the work they do.'

Flint Group Narrow Web awarded several companies with awards at the sparkling event as entries were placed in different categories relating to technology and application. All were elegant examples of what's best in the art of fine label and narrow web print. Says Mr. Niklas Olsson, Brand Manager, Flint Group Narrow Web - 'The quality level of the entries in each category was astonishing and the judging panel had to use all their experience and skill to separate out the winning entries. In some categories we had to make a choice between two excellent print samples, and decided to honour some entries as 'highly commended' '.

The winning companies were:

COLD FOIL WINNER: Consolidated Label, USA, with Silver Pets (stickers),
Inks used: Cold Foil Adhesive, UV White, water-based process
HYDROSOY WINNER: Label Works, USA, with HydroSOY Promotional Label,
Inks used: HydroSOY
WATER-BASED FILM WINNER: Axiom Label Group, USA, with Manhattan Oil
Inks used: Hydrokett PRIME
Highly Commended:
Center Fix Etiquetas Adesivas Ltda., Brazil, with Jimmi Lemon & Herbs
Inks used: Hydrofilm ACE, UV Varnish
WATER-BASED PAPER - WINNER: McDowell Label & Screen Printing, USA, with Aloe Vera Juice
Inks used: Hydrokett PRIME
UV FLEXO – WINNER: Winson Press Pvt. Ltd, Singapore, with Evening Primrose Oil
Inks used: Flexocure ∑
COMBINATION PRINTING – WINNER: MPI – Texas, USA, with Grapecreek Vineyards
Inks used: Flexocure ∑, Flexocure Ivory, UV Flexo Matte Coating, UV Screen Tactile Varnish, Foil Stamping
COMBINATION PRINTING – Highly Commended: Brazicolor Industria Grafica Ltda., Brazil, with Black Stone
Inks used: Flexocure ∑, UV TTR Varnish, Foil Stamping
IN-MOLD – WINNER: Pacman, Dubai, with London Dairy Ice Cream IML Labels
Inks used: Flexocure ∑
UV FLEXO SHRINK - WINNER: Smyth, USA, with Coast Shrink Label
Inks used: Flexocure XS
SECURITY INKS - WINNER: Automacao Ind. Com. De Rotulos Ltda, Brazil, with Modelo Security Labels
Inks used: WB Flexo, Security Invisible Blue Ink
COUPON / PROMOTIONAL - WINNER: Smyth, USA, with The Silver Ticket
Inks used: Flexocure HD
TRADE SCHOOL - WINNER: SENAI – Theobadldo De Nigris (Technical Shool), Brazil, with Instruction Labels
Inks used: Flexocure ∑, Cold Foil
TRADE SCHOOL - Highly Commended: Dunwoody Institute of Technology, USA, with Minnesota Moon & Frog Spots
Inks used: Flexocure ∑
3 December 2008

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