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Flint Group Earns Bio-derived Renewable Certification of Offset Inks

  • K+E® Arrowstar™, Starbase™ and Arroweb™ ink series have earned bio-renewable content (BRC) certification
  • Each ink offers high levels of bio-renewable content for its respective technology
  • The inks are used in commercial, publication and packaging applications

Plymouth, MI USA (September 22, 2009):  Four of Flint Group's most popular offset ink series earned bio-renewable content (BRC) certification by the ink industry's only standard.

K+E®, Arrowstar™ and Starbase™ sheetfed series, as well as Arroweb™ heatset inks, were certified by the Bio-derived Renewable Content (BRC) Labeling Program run by NAPIM (National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers).

At a time when companies are putting more effort into 'greening' their print processes, printers can rely on BRC indices as an objective way to grade the sustainability of the inks.

Flint Group's certified sheetfed inks received a BRC index of 70, signifying high levels of bio-renewable materials. In fact, the vehicle systems are based on 100% naturally renewable raw materials. The certified heatset inks are formulated with various renewable resources, including soy, earning a BRC index of 30. This is a commendable rating, as a typical heatset ink rarely surpasses 35% bio-renewable content (Reference

'Printers get the quality and performance of standard offset printing inks in sustainable products,' notes Michael Podd, business director of sheetfed and heatset inks for Flint Group.

'These inks have always been formulated to be robust, versatile, reliableand ecologically friendly,' underscores Rodney Balmer, technical director for sheetfed inks. 'The ink industry was in need of a standard to objectively communicate that to the market, and NAPIM's BRC program fills that gap.'

Flint Group expects more inks to be certified over time. In addition, the company notes that inks aren't the only eco-friendly products in their portfolio. Says Doug Labertew, vice president of product management & strategy, 'Because of the merger with Day International, Flint Group now offers environmentally friendly pressroom chemistry as well, including fountain solutions and washes.'

Blankets, sleeves and other pressroom consumables round out the company's product portfolio - all under one roof for the first time.

About the NAPIM Certification
According to NAPIM's program literature, 'The (BRC Labeling) program calculate(s) and report(s) the bio-derived renewable content of an ink as delivered to the printer. It includes a NAPIM registered label that can be applied to the ink container and a comparable design for use by the printer on the printed product if desired.'

The calculations lead to an index which represents the range of bio-renewable content. A BRC index of 70 means bio-renewable content makes up 65.1% to 75% of the ink's formula by weight.

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