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Flint Group’s Rodney Balmer Wins 2009 Technical Achievement Award

Plymouth, MI USA (October 14, 2009) – Rodney Balmer’s work has reached printers in nearly all print sectors. This chemist is perhaps most well known for his advances in energy curable ink and coating technology, as well as his unique ability to help printers incorporate these technologies into their pressrooms.

The industry recognized Mr. Balmer’s achievements last week at 2009 Technical Conference hosted by NPIRI (National Printing Ink Research Institute, research arm of the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers). There, Mr. Balmer received the prestigious Technical Achievement Award in recognition of major technical accomplishments in the science of printing ink.

Mr. Balmer, sheetfed ink technical director for Flint Group, has been involved in developing some of the most technologically advanced products serving energy curable and conventional markets. Hybrid and UV inks, high-speed UV news inks and electron beam inks are just a few examples.

Just as importantly, Mr. Balmer played a large role in ensuring these technologies were - and continue to be - applicable and beneficial for printers. He has traveled the world to help printers capitalize on new tools, as well as to remain aware of needs that may drive future developments.

Mr. Balmer has been a featured speaker at various industry events, including lectures and seminars organized by RadTech, LPIA (Labels and Printing Industries of America), GATF (Graphic Arts Technical Foundation), NPIRI and PIRA International. He has written articles, whitepapers and market forecasts for numerous publications. He has contributed to multiple patents, including ones addressing laser-curing technologies, energy curable inks for coldset web presses, and conductive inks. Last, but not least, Rod continues to support the next generation of experts. He closely supervises the hands-on education and research of many graduate interns.

“I could not have done this without the support of my co-workers past and present,” Mr. Balmer says of the achievement. “Development work requires a sense of adventure and a willingness to take some risks. I’m fortunate that my colleagues were amenable to doing things differently and to exploring new avenues.”

“Rod more than earned this recognition,” shares Doug Labertew, Vice President of Product Management & Strategy. “In addition to his development work, Rod is uniquely able to help printers maximize old and new technologies in their pressrooms. That’s been very valuable to our customers.”

“Rod has a special blend of skills,” notes Diane Parisi, Vice President of Procurement, previously a technical director and part of the team who hired Mr. Balmer in 2000. “He is a true expert in terms of the technology, but he also understands customers’ needs as well as big-picture business issues.”
Mr. Balmer graduated from the University of Manchester, England.

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