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Flexo Plate-making Lecture at XI'AN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, XI'AN City

Flint Group Flexographic Products gave lecture on today’s and tomorrows developments in flexo plate-making to Xi’An’s students.

To enhance the students’ awareness of Flexographic applications, as well as to stimulate Flexo developments in China, a lecture presented by Yushan Lee and Magenta Zheng from Flint Group Flexographic Products, Shanghai, was given at the Xi’An University of Technology with the topic Flexographic Plate-making Technology – Today & Tomorrow.

The lecture expounds on the past, the present and the future of flexo plate-making technologies, which have always played a key role in Flexographic Printing. The whole plate-making process was presented to the students along with the advantages of a digital workflow, the usage of sleeves, developments in the ITR (In-The-Round) technology as well as EskoArtwork’s HD Flexo concept. Finally Yushan Lee and Magenta Zheng showed the prospect of an even more efficient and convenient flexo plate-making process. Through the interaction with students about their comprehensive questions on technology, marketing and employment, the audience could obtain an impressive picture of the evolving future of the Chinese Flexographic Industry.

Due to the strong support by Professor Zhou Shisheng, Professor Cao Congjun and Professor Jiang Lei, the lecture was a huge success for everyone. By providing extensive knowledge about Flexographic applications through trainings, seminars etc., Flint Group Flexographic Products established a sustainable partnership with the university, aiming to further develop Flexography in China to become as good and efficient as possible.

3 August 2010

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