1715 Flint Group Announces Pamiostar Outdoor The Next Generation Of Solvent Based Packaging Inks

Flint Group announces PamioStar™ Outdoor, the next generation of solvent-based packaging inks.

PamioStar™ Outdoor was developed in response to growing market demands for inks to withstand extended exposure to the outside elements.  Outdoor bag converters in North America will be impressed with the excellent adhesion, color strength and outdoor resistance properties this new ink technology delivers. 

“Flint Group’s product development team has been working hard on this innovative product for some time and is very pleased with the results. A Solvent Flexo ink with high performance on press, excellent colour strength and adhesion to difficult films, while still meeting the most extreme outdoor exposure conditions, is exactly what our clients have been looking for' says Grant Shouldice, Product Director Flint Group Packaging & Narrow Web.

The Outdoor Bag market often utilizes a wide range of polyethylene substrates where adhesion can be difficult.   PamioStar™ Outdoor utilizes a new approach to adhesion, making it less dependant on these difficult films to achieve superior adhesion and resistance properties.  Flint Group has submitted and received back very high scores on EMMAQUA® and ATLAS® Weathering Testing.

Grant Shouldice concludes: “All outdoor accelerated weather tests are complete and the results are positive!  Flint Group is excited to launch this new product to support the outdoor bag market.”