1800 North America Price Increase Packaging Inks

North America: Flint Group announces April 1st price increases for solvent based packaging inks and all white Packaging and Narrow Web inks in North America

Continuing raw materials cost increases as well as other operations and logistical cost increases in 2012 requires Flint Group to increase prices of solvent based packaging inks and all packaging and narrow web white inks in North America effective 1 April 2012.

 2012 has seen a continuation in raw material cost increases.  These cost increases require that they be passed through the supply chain.  The impact this year has been mainly in solvent based inks as well as all white inks.  Titanium dioxide continues to escalate in price as well as a number of resins and solvents.  Susan Kuchta, Vice President North American Packaging and Narrow Web, commented, “Cost pressure has been constant and the magnitude of the cost increases require we pass them through the supply chain.  These costs can not be absorbed and still maintain a consistent and assured supply of product to the industry.”

 The price increase for solvent based products is 6%, and the increase for white ink will be up to 18% depending on the type and concentration of raw materials making up its composition.

 Flint Group will communicate with their customers regarding the overall impact of the price increases on their specific product portfolio.