2680 Nyloprint DLE30S

Flint Group develops direct engravable plate for pad printing

new nyloprint® DLE 30 S yields excellent print quality

With the nyloprint® plate programme, Flint Group offers an extensive range of high-performance products for letterpress, dry offset, pad printing and security print applications. Now, the portfolio will be expanded with the new direct engravable pad printing plate, nyloprint® DLE 30 S. This plate has been designed for laser direct engraving making any further plate processing steps like wash out and drying obsolete. Generating the relief in only one step makes the plate processing much more efficient and improves the process stability when producing pad printing plates. Besides that, it exhibits very good cup gliding characteristics and stability on press together with excellent ink transfer.

nyloprint® DLE 30 S plates are suitable with all standard laser systems: with CO2, fibre and diode laser systems, but also with standard ablation laser systems for flexo and letterpress plates. This new gravure plate for high quality pad printing is particularly well-suited for industrial and promotional products.

Extensive field tests showed excellent results. It has become evident that the new printing plate has very good resolution properties, which enables outstanding print quality, also with halftone images.

The new, direct engravable pad printing plate, nyloprint® DLE 30 S, will be available to the market in mid July 2015.

14 July 2015

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