2685 Nyloprint WSWD

Flint Group introduces new letterpress plate

Water washable, steel based nyloprint® WS WD with improved reproduction characteristics for higher print quality

For many years Flint Group has offered a broad range of letterpress printing plates. Ongoing research work is the foundation for highly specialised and sophisticated products which meet all customer requirements. Now, the company has developed a new water washable, steel based printing plate: nyloprint® WS WD. With its optimised reproduction characteristics, the new plate shows significantly improved print quality.

Due to the more precise reproduction of the smallest elements, the new printing plate is ideally suited for security printing as well as tubes, cups and can printing. Especially in these demanding segments, high print quality and a low dot gain are essential. The new letterpress plate, nyloprint® WS WD, allows a virtual 1:1 copy of the digital data onto the printing plate, resulting in a more detailed image definition of the relief. In printing, an extraordinary tonal range combined with a higher density can be achieved.

Excellent results are achieved with LED exposure on Flint Group’s nyloprint® NExT Exposure unit. However, the new plate can be exposed with every standard tube type and processed with both plushes and brushes. Extensive field tests show very positive customer feedback: Especially improved reproduction characteristics as well as excellent print results have been reported extremely positive.

The new water washable, steel based letterpress plate nyloprint® WS WD will be available to the market in the middle of July, 2015.

16 July 2015

Deutsche Fassung