The new nyloflex® FTF Digital plate is launched over 4.000 km across Latin America

Flint Group presents the new printing plate for Flat Top Dots, nyloflex® FTF Digital, in three different countries.

The new flexo printing plate, nyloflex® FTF Digital, provides The Easy Way to Flat Top Dots. Thus, the Flint Group Flexographic Products’ sales team went out of their way to bring this good news to customers cross-country through Latin America.

The journey started in Argentina. During a trade show in Buenos Aires on August 5th, Lucas Woodyatt, Sales Manager Flint Group Flexographic Products, demonstrated the advantages of the new flexo printing plate to more than 20 attendees – and he received a lot of positive feedback and a flurry of questions. “Amongst other things, we discussed how this product could affect the future of flexo printing.”

The future, however, will be easier: nyloflex® FTF stands for Flat Top Dot plate for Flexible packaging and was introduced in July 2015. The plate offers significant complexity reduction and efficiency gain for the reproduction of Flat Top Dots, as it can be processed like any standard digital plate – no changes, additional equipment, processes or consumables are needed. Furthermore, a special surface texture eliminates the need for time consuming surface screening. Additionally, the plate offers reliable high quality and consistency.

Across the continent, about 1.400 km to the west, and eight days later, the nyloflex® FTF plate also reached Chile. In Santiago de Chile, Lucas Woodyatt convinced the over 50 listeners of the new plate in a dedicated event. Similar to Buenos Aires, the new plate for Flat Top Dots attracted attention: after the presentations, several print trials were scheduled with various printers and trade-shops.

The third event took place on September 7th in Lima, Peru – over 3.000 km west of Santiago. Matias Katila, Regional Sales Director LATAM of Flint Group, presented the advantages of the Flat Top Dot plate to more than 50 invited guests.

And this wasn’t the end of the roadshow on nyloflex® FTF plates: On December 9th, the plate was presented again on the other edge of Latin America: in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the nyloflex® FTF has left a lasting impression at SENAI in Barureri.

11 January 2016

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