BLOG TOPIC: Discover sustainable Flint Group innovation at Labelexpo Europe 2023

The most prestigious exhibition in the label and narrow web converting calendar, Labelexpo Europe 2023, takes place 11 – 14 September 2023, at Brussels Expo, Belgium.

With the event just around the corner, industry leaders are preparing to display the latest advancements to support printers in the dynamic label sector. Among them, Flint Group is poised to make a significant impact at the event by putting focus on its unwavering commitment to quality and technical excellence.

At Labelexpo Europe 2023, Flint Group will showcase its ink and coating innovations at Stands 5C28 & 5C29. Delegates wishing to explore the benefits of partnering with Flint Group are invited to contact the team to arrange a meeting in advance.

It’s clear that for label and narrow web converters looking to navigate today’s market and prepare for the future, sustainability must be front and centre of that strategy. At Labelexpo 2023, Flint Group will proudly showcase its collection of ink and coating products that combine performance as well as minimised environmental impact – all built on the company’s unmatched expertise in ink and coating formulation.

Among the highlights at the Flint Group booth will be EkoCure®, Evolution, and its range of inks for Food Contact Materials (FCM). Together, these ground-breaking technologies represent Flint Group's dedication to a more sustainable, agile, and dynamic narrow web printing sector.



Flint Group's EkoCure range is a prime example of its commitment to sustainability and how its product portfolio is shaped directly by the needs of its customers.

As the printing market continues shifting away from outdated mercury-based UV curing lamps towards low-energy LED, the EkoCure range harnesses dual curing technology to cure equally well under both methods. LED lamps are shown to reduce energy use by up to 80%, as well as providing dramatically reduced maintenance requirements with a service life up to 50,000 hours, far outperforming the traditional UV lamp curing techniques.

An ideal choice for printers shifting from traditional lamps to UV LED, EkoCure is designed to make the LED curing transition simple and effective for printers. The technology means that the switch can be made unit by unit, removing the need to discard ink inventories as LED curing systems are integrated.



Focused on closing the recycling loop in labels and packaging, the award-winning Evolution series includes a deinking primer for shrink sleeve printing, as well as a varnish.

Used prior to inks, the Evolution deinking primer makes it possible for sleeve label material to be recycled at the same time as the bottle, dramatically streamlining the recovery process. The technology keeps strong adhesion through the life of the label, then releasing it in the recycling caustic wash.

The Evolution varnish is a layer of clear-coating applied to label after colour printing. The varnish protects the inks through the full length of the recycling process, without bleeding or abrading. The protected ink can then be skimmed off with the floating label and diverted to an alternate waste stream.

The Evolution range is designed to ensure more material can be recycled, increasing global stock and availability of recyclate.  Also helping brands and their packaging partners to meet their business-wide sustainability goals.


Inks for Food Contact Materials

At Labelexpo, visitors will also learn more about the company’s range of Food Contact Material (FCM) inks and coatings. Whether designing for food, drinks or pharmaceuticals, there’s no margin for error in printing – the ink must not migrate or pass through the material at any point.

Flint Group will be showcasing ANCORA, an ideal solution for printing on Food Contact Material that forms part of its EkoCure range, powered by dual curing technology. With this technology, printers can make the important switch to LED curing methods while also remaining assured of the ink’s performance and safety on FCM labels.

As printers are pushing for ever more environmentally-oriented processes, innovation will prove a key driving force in future industry success. Always ahead of the curve, Flint Group recognises this important paradigm shift.  Through the development of its next-generation ink and coating chemistries, the company is proud to play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future.

By developing sustainable technologies, and aiming for industry-wide change, Flint Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of printing processes without compromising on quality.

Visitors to the Flint Group booth at Labelexpo Europe 2023 can look forward to seeing this selection of technologies first hand, with the Flint Group team on hand to provide insight, share success stories, and discuss how sustainable practices can drive the industry forward.



For more questions about Flint Group’s products focused on circularity, or its presence at Labelexpo Europe, please contact Anna Niewiadomska at