BLOG TOPIC: New product label standards boost customer experience

Transparency is the key to efficiency, and Flint Group's journey towards continuous improvement in operations and customer experience has taken another step forward with the introduction of new product label designs for Flexible Packaging and Paper & Board sites in the EMEA region.

Flint Group believes in always finding new ways to improve its services and standards and always with an eye to its customers’ evolving needs. As part of this drive, over the past two years, the company has embarked on a large-scale, ambitious IT project to uplift and enhance its product label printing. By enhancing its own operation efficiencies wherever possible, Flint Group is able to offer its customers more agility and flexibility while also improving the clarity of information.

Flint Group Flexible Packaging and Paper & Board sites in EMEA have now switched to a new labelling software platform. For customers, this new platform enhances visibility and clarity, which brings significant benefits in both operation efficiency through Flint Group production workflows as well as advantages to its customers. 

Designed for clarity and safety, the new layout system is a recognisable improvement in product labelling. The technology provides a user-friendly interface that is more reminiscent of a PowerPoint slide than a complex coding page, making it more intuitive to use and, ultimately, for Flint Group customers, creating a more fluid and agile workflow. The label prominently features the unique information and identifiers for the product inside, barcode identification, range logos visible at-a-glance, and relevant safety notices. By removing excess ‘visual noise’, streamlining and standardising information, the safety of customer operatives is also improved.

In Flint Group’s journey to standardise label design across all ten EMEA production plants, the new software and label format replace a significant amount of site-specific individual label designs with one uniform layout. Driven by a desire to boost clarity and safety for our customers, the result is a singular label solution that incorporates all current and future regulatory requirements and commercial elements, as well as showcasing Flint Group's latest product branding for ONECode and AQUACode, along with their sub-brands.

Flint Group's ONECode range represents a significant leap forward in the world of solvent-based ink and varnish solutions; a comprehensive product line-up designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the printing industry. The portfolio includes a number of products to address the needs of packaging converters and seeks to redefine the standards of solvent-based ink and varnish solutions, delivering excellence for Flint Group customers.

The AQUACode range is a comprehensive selection of water-based inks and coatings tailored to meet the needs of the paper and board market. The AQUACode line offers numerous operational and quality advantages, including support for circular economy initiatives. This range not only helps reduce waste but also enhances production efficiency, ultimately helping to lower overall costs.

The upgrade and switch to Flint Group’s product labelling marks another chapter in the company’s journey and an unwavering commitment to delivering continued excellence. Future-proofing its labelling to meet current and future regulatory demands underlines the proactive approach the business takes within its own operational efficiencies and customer experience, in addition to its technical excellence and supply chain competency.