Flint Group expands TerraCode range with new TerraCode Bio-based extenders and coatings, reaffirming commitment to sustainability in the corrugated industry.

May 2024: Flint Group, a leader in ink and coating solutions for the printing and packaging sectors, is delighted to announce the expansion of its TerraCode range with its latest addition: TerraCode Bio. This new range expands Flint Group’s environmentally conscious bio-based extenders and coatings designed for the corrugated market.

Originally launched in 2019, TerraCode is Flint Group's portfolio of environmentally friendly inks and coatings designed for paper packaging applications. The expansion of this product line underscores the company's commitment to providing solutions that support the development of sustainable packaging.

By broadening the TerraCode range, Flint Group demonstrates its proactive approach to addressing environmental challenges and promoting a more sustainable future for the packaging industry.  Notably, TerraCode Bio is built on bio-renewable and recycled material content. These products exhibit superb print quality and resistance properties that match or exceed Flint Group’s conventional inks.

Kari Raassina, Senior Director of Product Management Europe at Flint Group, commented: "Our expanded TerraCode Bio range of extenders and coatings is a fantastic addition to our TerraCode portfolio for corrugated printing. Pre-launch trials with packaging printers across Europe were a resounding success. We are delighted to formally add these new TerraCode Bio products to our European product line-up.

"In addition to supporting sustainability in packaging, the range offers exceptional levels of performance with excellent coverage, tonal values and trap quality. For added versatility, TerraCode Bio is suitable for high-volume uncoated board and more detailed coated board designs.”

Mr. Raassina continued: "Our TerraCode Bio range is available as part of Flint Group's 'building block' technology. This technology provides Paper & Board converters with unique flexibility and efficiency in planning corrugated post- and pre-print jobs. Furthermore, with seamless and convenient one-to-one replacement of incumbent extenders, the transition is simplified by eliminating disruptive changes to dispensing and production processes."

Alessio Crivellari, Product Manager, Paper & Board Europe at Flint Group, added: "With our TerraCode Bio extenders, ink formulations can contain up to 90% bio-renewable or recycled raw materials, which is an enormous sustainability advantage for corrugated packaging converters focused on circularity. This technology can also reduce CO2 emissions of Flint Group extenders for corrugated packaging by up to 40%.”

Mr. Crivellari concluded:  “We know there is no room for compromise in quality. TerraCode Bio offers performance that is equivalent or superior to synthetic technologies. It can be used with a wide range of ink base systems, including our HexaCode and OctaCode bases, enabling a seamless transition."

To learn more about Flint Group and its innovative ink and coating technologies for Paper & Board converters, please visit flintgrp.com.