Flint Group launches supplier portal

  • Flint Group has launched a new supplier portal on its homepage

  • The portal is designed help provide relevant information and updates for our suppliers as well as inform suppliers about Flint Group's move to ARIBA

London, United Kingdom, October 8th, 2018 – Flint Group has taken a further step in optimising its communication with its suppliers by launching the supplier portal on the Flint Group homepage. Now, suppliers to Flint Group have the opportunity to find updates and information that are important for suppliers as well as relevant information about the company's move to SAP ARIBA.

With the launch of the supplier portal on the Flint Group homepage, suppliers will have access to various relevant information and useful materials with regard to the ARIBA implementation within Flint Group and other relevant information related to the business relationship, including:

  • Information about ARIBA supplier onboarding, such as process steps for registering to use ARIBA

  • Training material (e.g., videos) and additional helpful resources

  • Details on purchase order standard terms and conditions

  • Up-to-date announcements on the ARIBA implementation

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and support contact details

For more information please visit Flint Group's supplier portal.