Flint Group launches whitepaper on the role of Narrow Web inks and coatings in Food Contact Material applications

March 2024:  Flint Group has announced the release of a comprehensive whitepaper to outline the role of inks and coatings in supporting safe food packaging.

Delving into the critical importance of food packaging safety and testing, the whitepaper explores the challenges posed by food contact materials (FCM) and the crucial role that high-quality inks and coatings play in minimising risk.

Anna Niewiadomska, Marketing Manager Narrow Web at Flint Group, comments: “As established market experts, we have one of the most knowledgeable teams in the ink industry. With the launch of our new whitepaper, we aim to provide enhanced clarity on the intricate process to safely print food packaging and labels. We explain the purpose and significance of these processes, discuss how safety is measured, and highlight how modern technology effectively addresses food packaging challenges.”

“The whitepaper examines the legislative landscape governing FCM and provides a stronger understanding of regulatory demands from an ink and coating perspective. There’s no margin for error when it comes to consumer safety; therefore, we aim to build a stronger foundation of knowledge across the market.”

Alongside an explanation of common sources of migration, the whitepaper also includes information about the EkoCure® ANCORA ink range. Designed for FCM label printing applications, this UV LED FCM ink series combines dual cure (UV Hg and UV LED) technology with food-compliant chemistry to enable food-safe printing at high press speeds.

Marc Heylen, Senior Director Narrow Web R&D & Technology, adds: “Our new whitepaper is one example, but we show our commitment to supporting food-compliant packaging and labels in many ways. From comprehensive training programmes to fully segregated ink production facilities and participation in FINAT’s UVFoodSafe consortium. We ensure our partners have the knowledge and tools to maintain compliance and deliver safe food packaging solutions, and to confirm the high quality that Flint Group is known for.”

To ask questions or access Flint Group’s whitepaper on this topic, please follow this link: https://bit.ly/3P1wWYl


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