Flint Group moves its procurement processes to SAP ARIBA

  • Flint Group is introducing SAP ARIBA and moving its procurement processes to a cloud-based environment

  • ARIBA enables Flint Group to further standardise and optimise business processes and make business relationships more efficient

London, United Kingdom, October 3rd, 2018 – Flint Group is continuously striving to improve operational efficiencies and deliver greater value to the organisation. With this goal in mind, Flint Group has decided to introduce SAP ARIBA and has started moving procurement processes onto the platform.

SAP ARIBA is a cloud-based sourcing and procurement marketplace where indirect materials buyers and suppliers can interact commercially within a single, connected platform – linked to SAP. Already today, 3.4 million users are on ARIBA, including several suppliers to Flint Group. This makes ARIBA the largest procurement solution of its kind.

ARIBA is simple, intuitive, fast and available to use by everyone. Going forward, transacting electronically on the ARIBA Network will be a standard way of doing business.  With this roll-out, Flint Group will be able to further standardise business processes and make business relationships more efficient for both suppliers and Flint Group.