Impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on Print Industry Supply Chain and Raw Materials

NORTH AMERICA – Plymouth, MI, September 14, 2017 – As petrochemical companies and raw material suppliers regain their footing, they are beginning to gain clarity about the impact of hurricanes Harvey and Irma on the printing industry supply chain, though there are still many unknowns.

According to Flint Group, who has been in continual conversation with affected suppliers, Gulf-area and Southeastern US suppliers are in a variety of recovery stages. Some are still assessing the damage and impact to their businesses. Others have begun to restart operations but at reduced capacity, causing a supply and demand imbalance. Many have made public announcements about continued forces majeures and supply allocations. Some transportation companies are imposing fuel surcharges due to very limited availability of carriers.

Suppliers tell Flint Group they will be able to offer more tangible information about the impact of the storms once conditions stabilize further.


Meanwhile, Flint Group leaders note that while the worst of the storms have passed, many affected by the storm's aftermath still have a lot of work and hardship ahead of them.

We can’t forget that many people—within and beyond the petrochemical and printing industries— continue to face difficult conditions,” says Diane Parisi, Regional Vice President Procurement Americas.

As individuals and as an industry, we should continue to do what we can to help those who were hit hard by either of the hurricanes or their after-effects.


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