The latest innovations in printing blanket technology: Introducing dayGraphica® 4300 & 7100

Meet the new dayGraphica® blankets cutting complexity from Sheetfed printing

Designed using next-generation carcass technology to ensure high gauge stability and smash resistance, dayGraphica® 4300 and dayGraphica® 7100 bring durable, cost-effective, and high-performance options to our leading printing blanket range.

Offering solutions for UV and conventional printing, with dayGraphica® 4300 and dayGraphica® 7100, it’s never been easier to find the right printing blanket for your needs!

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Reduce your overall cost to print with dayGraphica® 4300

dayGraphica® 7100 – the most flexible, swell-resistant solution for offset printing

Providing the perfect balance of performance and cost-saving, delivering high-quality printed output without compromise on longevity.

Developed for dedicated UV printing, this blanket uses next-generation technology to ensure exceptional durability, stability, and print performance.

  • Microground surface layer resists swelling, ensuring high surface integrity
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant design protects blanket from degradation
  • High gauge stability promotes even printing pressure
  • Superior ink transfer and release characteristics reduce blanket piling and protect output quality
4100 Ultrared UV No Background

dayGraphica® 7100 brings conventional and UV capability together into a single product, cutting inventory complexity.

With a specially blended surface layer, dayGraphica® 7100 provides excellent ink transfer and gauge stability, helping printers achieve accurate colour reproduction, sharp half tones, and consistent dot production across the printed image.

  • Dense carcass made from high-quality woven fabric provides a stable print base
  • Enhanced closed-cell compressible layer increases impressions per blanket, resulting in fewer changes and less downtime
  • Solvent casting process ensures even thickness in machine and across direction

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