Founts for Sheetfed

Varn® Supreme 8168 is designed with a balance of ink-compatible solvents in a complete one-step package. It’s complex plate-protection and buffering system is effective with both RO and tap water. Supreme 8168’s concentrated formulation combines stability with low dosages.

Arrowfount Sheetfed ACD-B-420SF is a unique fountain solution, high buffered with a running pH of 4.5 to 5.0. Formulated to offer excellent performance and working latitude. ACD-B- 420SF is flexible, it is compatible with conventional and integrated dampening systems and for use with isopropyl alcohol and alcohol substitutes. Formulated with a new, unique combination of wetting agents; this fountain solution insures a rapid migration of Fountain Solution into the ink, allowing for a quicker clean-up (which lowers waste and increases productivity) and sharp dot reproduction.

With Varn®Pantheon Optima fountain solution, you can avoid alcohol and alcohol replacements. This product is compatible with conventional, hybrid, and UV inks, and is designed especially for board packaging applications.

The Varn® Supreme 550 fount series offers two economical, one-step fountain solutions designed for use on a variety of presses, plates and substrates. Even at low dosages the founts keep dampening system rollers clean throughout the press run, reducing your expenses while minimizing non-image piling and greatly limiting picture framing.

Compatible with conventional, UV and hybrid technologies, both Varn® Supreme 550 founts are formulated with corrosion inhibitors to protect all parts of your printing press. Moreover, the Supreme CERT 550 formulation has been approved by KBA for use on their warrantied sheetfed presses.

Hydrofast® GS 312 CtP is suitable for use on all sheetfed presses and dampening systems.

Special additives reduce precipitation of calcium compounds on ink rollers and thus minimise roller stripping.

Hydrophilic additives allow quick start up after stopping and makes coating with gum unnecessary.

Hydrofast® AFS 341 contains a special system of corrosion inhibitors.

Hydrofast® AFS 341 can be implemented on all press types and damping systems.

Regardless of ink and plate type it is possible to print alcohol-free using Hydrofast® AFS 341, although up to 5% IPA can be added if desired.

For various types of presses and damping systems it may be necessary to exchange trough roller, fount oscillator and fount roller against coarser or more hydrophilic ones. When used with standard rollers the water feeding may have to be increased considerably. This does not mean that more water is emulsified into the ink.


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