The future of recycling is here

The future of recycling is here

Evolution Series - Sustainable innovation to revolutionise label recycling


At Flint Group Narrow web we have developed a new series of products that focus entirely on recycling and a sustainable future.

Evolution products, aptly named because they enable packaging to be reused in ever-evolving forms, are designed to increase the yield of material reclaimed from the recycling process by enabling label material to be recycled at the same time as a PET bottle without risk of contamination. Using Evolution products, previously unrecyclable products can be reprocessed, potentially boosting reclaimed material yield by up to 10%.

Evolution Deinking Primer is applied to the substrate before the ink to provide strong ink adhesion throughout the life of the label. It enables the ink to be released (de-inked) into the recycling caustic wash and the substrate to be broken down into flakes. This ensures that more than 99% of the material can be recycled into something new.

In contrast, Evolution Varnish ensures that inks remain on the label during the caustic wash used in the recycling process. The varnish application avoids contamination of the washing solution while not impacting the floatability of the label, and therefore, the resulting quality of the reclaimed material is significantly improved. The protected ink can then be skimmed off with the floating label and directed to an alternative waste stream.


Evolution range provides a way for businesses to actively contribute to a more sustainable future by supporting circular packaging in the label and flexible packaging industry.