VIVO Colour Solutions - the “New Normal” in colour and press-side management

Consultancy, services and tools for colour and ink management, developed to achieve colour consistency, “Right First Time” printing and reduce overall “Total Cost of Print.”

We know that packaging colour and design consistency are paramount to building globally recognized brands.

We also have a fundamental understanding of the challenges both brands and printers have in tackling colour management across jobs, presses and sites. While colour management is absolutely about delivering the impact, consistency and reliability of print that brands are seeking, it’s also about driving important efficiency and sustainability into the print operation itself.

By delivering continuous improvement in colour management, printers by default are also eradicating waste, reducing lead times and meeting environmental impact objectives. Delivering right first-time production avoids unnecessary use of materials, minimizes energy and helpfully creates speed to market improving customer satisfaction: a win win for all key stakeholders.

The key to resolving the challenge is in having a comprehensive colour management programme that integrates with the overall packaging print workflow. At Flint Group Packaging, the VIVO Colour Solutions platform does exactly that!

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Something new! 

We developed a user-friendly mobile application to further simplify and provide even more efficiency for customers using our VIVO ColourPortal. 

We have nailed it - digital requests for a colour recipe or colour standard have never been so easy! CLICK HERE for more details.

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VIVO Colour Solutions is a web-based system. This ink colour formulation search engine and support service is designed to increase the converter’s colour accuracy, press uptime and to reduce substrate and ink waste.

You save money. A lot of money. We know printers that have saved €100,000 per year.
You increase your printing capacity.
On average 2.5 hours more of production capacity per day. More capacity with existing presses.
You reduce your environmental footprint. Using ink and substrate just to throw it away is not only costly. It is very  uncool.
You get consistent results. Red is red and it’s the right red. Every time. Just what clients want.
Available 24/7. No hardware. No complicated systems. It’s all in the cloud.
You’re never alone. We have local support to guide you.

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211310 Flint Vivo Colour Solutions Logo Master Rgb

Incorporating a range of tools, services, andexperts to deliver print workflow  analysis, assessment, and evaluation, alongside project management, integration of hardware and software, performance reporting and colour improvement programmes -

VIVO Colour Solutions is a comprehensive package that solves the colour management challenge.

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Web-Based Colour Enquiry into Flint Group’s Global Colour Centre. Unique ID and Customer Profile Provides Bespoke 24/7 Service.

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Secure Web-Based Colour Repository Containing thousands of Achievable Colours on Common Corrugated Industry Liners.

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A Unique Colour Guide to Remove Subjectivity about What Colour is Achievable on Standard Brown Kraftliner Substrate.

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Web-Based QC and Process Measurement Reporting Delivering ‘Right First Time’ Colour at The Lowest Achievable Cost

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Sharing Accurate Repeatable Printed Colour Guides, Consistently and Professionally to Any Other Profiled Digisystem V3 Globally.

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Web-Based Analytical Application Providing Powerful Quality and Performance Graphical Reporting.

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Web-Based Colour Correction Software to Correct Out of Spec Ink, Compensate for Process Variables, and Optimise Press Returns.




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