Sustainably-focused innovations at Labelexpo Americas 2024

As Labelexpo Americas 2024 approaches, Flint Group is gearing up to introduce attendees to the latest advancements in print technology.

Products highlighted at the event include Evolution De-inking Primer and Caustic-Resistant Overprint Varnish (OPV), which enhance sustainability in packaging by improving material yield during the PET bottle recycling process. This range is designed to increase the amount of material that can be reclaimed, increasing the feedstock and availability of recycled material.

Narrow web printers will learn about the dual-curing EkoCure® ink series, which eases the transition from traditional UV to UV LED curing. This range enables printers to achieve high-performance printing while minimising their environmental impact and includes the EkoCure® ANCORA range approved for food contact materials.

Flint Group’s Ultra Clear Dual Cure Coatings, will also be highlighted at Labelexo Americas. With these products, narrow web printers can harness the advantages of UV LED curing to provide the necessary clarity and protection for label and packaging requirements. These unique coatings can cure under both UV LED lamps and UV lamps containing mercury, simplifying LED adoption without increasing complexity.

Anna Niewiadomska, Marketing Manager Narrow Web at Flint Group, said: “With sustainability being a key focus in the label and packaging sector, Labelexpo Americas offers a fantastic opportunity for attendees to explore our solutions that enhance sustainability credentials. Our products, such as the EkoCure® inks and Ultra Clear Dual Cure Coatings, reduce energy consumption through UV LED curing, while Evolution maximises recycling potential. Flint Group’s offerings are designed with sustainability at the forefront. We encourage anyone interested to contact us and schedule a meeting today. We look forward to welcoming narrow web printers and converters at the Flint Group stand!”

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10 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2024 | Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago 

Hall F, stand #6419



Tuesday, 10 Sept  09:00am - 05:00pm

Wednesday, 11 Sept  09:00am - 05:00pm

Thursday, 12 Sept  09:00am - 04:00pm

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- The Clear Leader in Curing Technology

UV LED lamps are widely used to cure inks in the Narrow Web market. They provide numerous benefits, such as enhancing press performance and reducing energy consumption. However, the development of coatings that offer a competitive level of clarity compared to conventional curing alternatives has lagged behind ink technology. This deficiency has been addressed with our new Ultra Clear Dual Cure coatings for Narrow Web printers...

Outstanding Dual Cure Ink for Food Contact Material Applications with Superb Press Performance and Adhesion

  • Is recommended for stringent demands in food labels and flexible packaging applications.
  • Can be used in all narrow & mid web flexographic print units provided the ink is UV cured.
  • Exposed to either LED or conventional light (dual cure)

EkoCure® F
A Dual Cure UV LED Curable Flexo Ink Technology, with High Press Performance Supporting Industry Sustainability Initiatives

EkoCure® F Ink System can be used in all UV flexographic print units provided the ink is cured with UV LED lamps. EkoCureTM F can be used with doctor blade as well as in a chambered doctor blade system.

EkoCure® XS
A dual cure UV LED curable flexo ink technology for shrink sleeve application with maximum ability to shrink on a wide range of shrink sleeve films without any need for primers.

The new EkoCure® XS system is a LED dual cure system designed for shrink applications, with excellent adhesion, print quality, color strength, shrink ability and curing speeds...

Evolution Varnish
Protect the brand you work for. By letting us protect the ink.

Recycling is not about the future. It is here and now. Companies are investing in sustainability and packaging is a critical part of their plans. At Flint Group, we have developed a new series of products that focus entirely on this. We call them Evolution because they allow the packaging that they are used on, to be used again and again – ever-evolving in new forms…

Evolution Deinking Primer
We want inks to stay on the substrate. Or do we?

At Flint Group, we have developed a new series of products that focus entirely on this. We call them Evolution. Because they allow the substrates that they are used on, to be used again and again and again – ever–evolving in new forms.

Our first product is a deinking primer for shrink sleeve printing. One that makes it possible to recycle the sleeve label material at the same time as the bottle…

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