Spray Powders for Sheetfed

Varn Anti-Set-Off Powders - Suitable for food packaging.

Choose from a complete line of Regular (R-Series) and Coated (C-Series) powders. These products provide outstanding performance in electronic units and air guns. Speed ink drying and prevent the ink from setting off onto the sheet above.

Regular Powder (R Series)

Varn R-23
A fine to medium-fine regular grade powder. It is the most popular grade for use in air guns.

Varn R-27
A medium-fine regular grade powder. Very popular powder with commercial lithographers using large equipment.

Varn R-35
Medium-large regular grade powder. Primarily used in the package printing industry where a smooth finish with minimum powder application is preferred.

Varn R-50 
55-65 micron size

Coated Powder (C Series)

Varn C-230
Fine to medium-fine, coated powder for use in air guns and electrostatic units.

Varn C-270
Medium-fine, coated spray powder for use in air guns and electrostatic units.

Varn C-350
A medium-large, coated powder. Gives excellent protection against ink set-off.

Varn C-500
A large-particle, coated powder for use in electrostatic units.

Varn C-600
A very large-particle, coated powder. Has gained popularity in the packaging and corrugated printing industry.

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